8 Essential Professional iOS Music Making Accessories

Making music on the go with an iPad or iPhone has become easier than ever. Here’s a list of items that make it even easier, while taking the quality of your music to the next level.

Not a list of the best, most expensive gear money can buy, but rather a list of products that are the best bang-for-your-buck while still getting you to a truly professional level.

How To Record With Audiobus and Garageband in iOS

Press Record!

Before Audiobus, there was no way for music apps to send sound to each other. Now it’s one of many ways that musicians can make music with multiple apps at the same time.

If you’ve wondered about connecting to Garageband with Audiobus-enabled music apps, this tutorial shows you how to connect and record in a few easy steps.

Chord Organ & Kinderklavier Now Available in an App Bundle

Save 25% when you get Chord Organ for iPad together with KinderKlavier, the vintage toy piano for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Chord Organ, an authentic vintage electric chord organ for iPad, along with KinderKlavier, a realistic Toy Piano for iPhone and iPad, are both faithful recreations of classic vintage musical toys that nowadays are […]

New SMG Media Website Launched

Welcome to the new and improved home of SMG Media.

While I was generally happy with the old design, the site was starving for more content, and as essentially a one-page-wonder, there was no way to generate more content dynamically without editing the page manually, which is a huge reason why it wasn’t updated for a very long time. Well, all that has changed.