Chord Organ
for iPad

Chord Organ on an iPad Mini
Chord Organ in a vise

Chord Organ is a vintage electric chord organ, shrunk down to iPad-sized proportions. It lets you play chords with one finger.

Chord Organ being operated on

Our expert specialists studied the inner workings of one such organ, and carefully sampled every sound it made.

Chord Organ being injected with advanced features

Then we shrunk it down to size, injecting advanced features like Inter-App-Audio, Audiobus, and MIDI.

Two cloned sheep

Cleanly Cloned

We scrutinizingly sampled the sound from every key and button of an authentic 1960’s electric chord organ to bring this timeless instrument to your iPad. Twelve buttons of chords and four octaves of keys sound and behave just like the original organ and can all be played simultaneously to give you the ultimate in reed-blown bliss.

Fortified with Features

Inter-App Audio

Inter-App Audio

Record directly into your favorite supported recording apps (like Garageband) with Inter-App Audio support now included in Chord Organ. Your recording app’s record, play, fast-forward, and rewind buttons will all appear at your fingertips from inside Chord Organ.


Audiobus 2

Chord Organ now includes support for Audiobus 2, giving you even more control over how you stream audio to other apps. You can stream audio thru multiple effects simultaneously with other Audiobus-compatible apps. Find out more about Audiobus at


MIDI Support

Chord Organ works great with MIDI keyboards and MIDI-supported apps. Plug in a MIDI Controller to access even more chords than the original model. You can connect any Core MIDI compatible app or keyboard, or even play wirelessly by connecting it over Wi-Fi to a network session.

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