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Welcome to the new and improved home of SMG Media.

While I was generally happy with the old design, the site was starving for more content, and as essentially a one-page-wonder, there was no way to generate more content dynamically without editing the page manually, which is a huge reason why it wasn’t updated for a very long time. Well, all that has changed.

I’ve been creating WordPress-backed sites for clients for years, which has been great for their continued ability to update their own content and stay relevant to their customers, and I had been meaning to integrate WordPress into my own site, but I wasn’t ready for the time commitment.  It takes a lot of effort to build a site from scratch, but even more to populate it with useful, valuable, hopefully well-written content.  Every time I would start, I’d get distracted with a new—actually paying—project, and it would get put on the back burner.  To make matters worse, new web technology comes out what seems like every other week, and I have to admit it, I’d get distracted trying to jump on the latest trends, which take a bit of extra time riding the learning curve until you can work quickly with them.

After my cuts from the bleeding edge healed, and some of the newer technologies like SASS/SCSS have established enough rapport to become mainstream in web development, things moved along quickly enough for me to get this site up.  And here it is, albeit after a few iterations.  It’s more of an ongoing project as opposed to just a one-and-be-done type of website; not only content-wise, but also with the user experience, so don’t get too attached!

Everything is subject to change, but that’s the entire point.